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Wilfred Carr

Wilfred Carr is an Emeritus Professor in the Philosophy of Education at the University of Sheffield, where, for many years, he was the Dean of the Faculty of Social Science and The Head of the School of Education. He is also an honorary vice-president of the philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain and an Honorary Professor of the University of Sydney, Australia. His main research interests are in a range of philosophical questions concerning the relationship between educational theory, educational practice and educational research. He is also interested in issues surrounding the philosophy and methodology of Educational Action Research. Relevant publications include: 


Carr, W. and Kemmis, S. (1985) Becoming Critical: Education, Knowledge and Action Research. Brighton, Falmer Press. which was translated into Spanish translation .Teoria Critica de la Ensenanza,  Martinez Roca, Barcelona, (1988)

Carr, W., (1989) Hacia una Ciencia Critica de la Educacion, Laertes, S.A. de Edicones, Barcelona, 135 pp. 

Carr, W. (1994) 'Whatever Happened to Action Research?   in Educational Action Research, 2, 3, 427-436. Carr, W. (1995) For Education:  Towards a Critical Educational Science, Open University Press, Buckingham.145 pp. Translated into Spanish (1998) Carr, W. Una Teoria Para La Educacion, Educaciones Morata, S.L., Madrid, 

Carr, W. and Kemmis. S. (2005) ‘Staying Critical’, Educational Action Research, 21, 3, 347- 357. 
Carr, W. (2006) 'Philosophy, Methodology and Action Research', Journal of Philosophy of Education, 40, 4, 1-15.

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